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3 Things Make A Single-Page Website Stunning

With the evolution of web design, you’ve probably well familiarized with single-page websites. They are super hot, popular and if you done right, your website could be a hit — no doubt about that! Instead of using main navigation, with single-page sites, the whole page exist on only one long page which offer a faster and clear reading experience.

For those who haven’t known a thing about single-page websites yet, check this article out for a deeper understanding.

There are always certain things you have to follow through on when making any websites, but when it comes to creating this type of websites there are three vital elements to keep in mind to build a beautiful one.

The simpler the better

Sometimes, less is more. With single-page sites, everything should be made as simple as possible for the visitors (there’s not so much room for you to clutter up anyway).

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When visitors access to your page, they want to get what they are looking for right away. Who has got the time to read volumes of text unless a person is here to read a novel? Single-page sites give you only one shot. So, instead of beating around the bush, make sure your content is essential, short and readable.

To make sure it works, I highly recommend you to give yourself few seconds to go through your own site and answer these questions: Is your main message clear and strong enough? Is the crucial information, especially your contact info, easy to find out? Is your site interested enough to keep you stay? Then, you get your answers!

Easy-to-use navigation

Why does a single-page website need a navigation bar since all things in on one place?


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