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5 JavaScript Frameworks To Watch In 2017

If you’ve been in the software development world over past few years, you can’t avoid noticing that JavaScript popularity continues its rising insanely. Even if you don’t have any plan on doing any web development, you will most certainly bump into JavaScript at some points on your journey. Moreover, according to IBM, JavaScript is the best programming languages to learn in 2017.

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Nonetheless, with hundreds of free JavaScript frameworks out there, you might pull your hair out to make decision which one you should get your feet wet with. If you ask five people about their choices, you will likely get five different answers. Everyone has their own reasons for preferring particular framework. There is no one-size-fits-all. It depends not only on how beginner-friendly is, but also what kind of projects you want to work on.

To help both you and me sleep tight at night, here are five of countless JavaScript frameworks popping up lately that are actually worth to keep an close eye on:

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Most front-ent developers already know the big names like React, Angular and Ember. But I’d like to introduce you the less well-known but rising rapidly — Vue.js. After Vue.js 2.0 came out in April 2016 with its promise to be one of the fastest frameworks all in all, Vue.js is quickly gaining more attention.

Even though it is just a lightweight JavaScript framework, it takes the best from those big names above and putting all that into a handful tool.

You should definitely try this framework if you want to write complete applications within less than a day of reading the documentation and guide. That’s because Its source code is very readable. It allows you to easily write simple JavaScript. Vue.js is worth a look.

For more information, you can read at Vue.js website or its GitHub repository.


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What is the most beloved JavaScript framework for building single page application? What is “the big daddy” in the JavaScript framework world? Needless to say, it’s the popular Angular.

Released the first time in 2009, it was the baby of Google (which is convincing enough to use it). I know you are sick of hearing Angular.js all the time in the war of frameworks but till now, Angular ecosystem has grown beyond imagination.

Two-way data binding is a much loved feature of Angular.js because of its magic which automatically synchronizes the view and the model. Besides, it also includes some other useful features such as extending HTML vocabulary, client-side form validation, possibility to create custom DOM elements and more.

You can dive deep into it at


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Meteor is no longer a new concept to those who study and work in IT section. Unlike other frameworks, Meteor is a smart and powerful tool that allows you build web and mobile application win one single language of JavaScript.

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In term of programming, Meteor is described as an open-source and full-stack JavaScript platform that includes a key set of technologies for building reactive web and mobile applications. Meteor requires less code, so even though you are newbies to programming, you are able to build you own amazing app at lightning speed.

FYI, we are also a Prime Partner of Meteor. It was really our honor to have an opportunity for renovating their official website. You can access to find out how Meteor actually works in practice.


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Are you in love with Facebook and Instagram’s users interface? Let me unveil you a secret, React.js is the super hero standing behind and powering that user interface. Isn’t it cool? Despite the fact that it is more of a library than a JS framework, it still stand out from the crowd.

Came out in 2013, it’s currently the hottest and the fastest of the bunch because of its implementation of a virtual DOM and synthetic event. Another thing developers love about React is that it’s much easier for developers with JavaScript experience to get a handle on. It’s totally not magnify to say that learning React.js is almost a must.


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