6 Ways To Generate New Web or App Idea And Turn It Into Reality

Developing a web/app successfully is not easy, and this fact is based on many aspects. Your first time to generate a web or app idea is probably very daunting, especially when there is an interminable number of possibilities. Generating a great idea for a web or an app does not just appear to some selected people, it is entirely a process by which everyone can carefully explore step-by-step ways to find out suitable solutions to any issue.

We expect that after reading this article, you will have a more obvious grasp on the process for generating a web or app idea and the ways to turn your ideas into reality.

Now let’s take a look at 6 ways to come up with a web/app idea below:

1. Looking at yourself

If you are running an established company that has operated in the market for years or just a startup with everything new and now want to find out a new idea for your web or app, it is necessary to take a closer look at your business. Nobody knows your company better than you do. So, the initial step to generate a new web/app idea is to discover who your company has developed to be. This is also the stage that your company starts looking at your own strengths as well as weaknesses. You can list the unique features that make your company different from others (service, technology, or product) and several factors probably affect or frustrate its development.

Additionally, you should spend time on knowing your employees. You might realize that each employee will see a software creation process from a different perspective and include big differences in each field. By including your employees who make up every aspect of your business in the plan of drafting a web or app idea, you can get a large number of resources that you could miss to generate ideas for your web/app.

Some recommended queries you can ask yourself:

  • What field does my company operate in?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my company?
  • What makes my company overcome other rivals?
  • What is hindering company development?
  • What kind of characteristics do my employees have?
  • Am I involving employees in the web/app creation process?
  • What values does the company attempt to uphold?

2. Looking at your customers

For both established companies and startups, the business plan is also the business’s roadmap. Within the plan, you should pay attention to revisit your first goals in short term and long term, strategies for future development, and vision/mission statements. An essential step to come up with web or app ideas is to retain a long-term relationship with those who you want to serve. Your company can learn many things from current customers by listening to them as well as observing their behaviors. You can consider:

  • To watch how customers interact with your company and products
  • To focus on where customers spend time
  • To map out the path customers follow in using product

In addition, you should consider your customer’s pain points and find out the solution to them. Knowing their issues will help you generate more ideas for your web/app. For example, your customers face difficulties in calling your customer service department. Then you know that it is essential to develop a web or an app having a chatroom function to offer your customers a new quick and convenient method to contact your company.

Additionally, you should also start talking with them by sending questioners, scheduling calls or collect their suggestions, helping you exactly know what to do next.

Some recommended queries you can ask yourself:

  • What does my company have in place to boost a relationship with my current or potential customers?
  • How are customers interacting with the company’s products?
  • What do I know about my customers?

3. Looking at your business plan

For both established companies and startups, the business plan is also the business’s roadmap. Within the plan, you should pay attention to revisit your first goals in short term and long term, strategies for future development, and vision/mission statements.

And with your current knowledge, you should try to seek new solutions to achieving your future plans. The next necessary step is to find out the way to combine them to the generation of a web or an app. It is necessary to find out what design, support, and features that your new web/app needs to bring you to the success of your business goals.

Some recommended queries you can ask yourself:

  • What are my company goals in the short term and long term?
  • Have I accomplished any goals since the start of my business or How will I accomplish the goals for my startup company?
  • Are there goals I am able to achieve with best practices/ modern technology?
  • Which function of my business will my web/app amplify?
  • Will the web/app allow customers to submit any of their questions/ concerns?

4. Looking at your marketing

Generating a web or app idea needs a careful look at your company’s marketing processes and studying if there are parts that are able to be transformed into a web/app. You should figure out where you spend the biggest amount of your budget for marketing, and investigate how this could be reduced by shifting some marketing activities to a web/app. For example, you can shift your loyalty program to a mobile app, which can reduce the need for program-relevant printed marketing material. An additional advantage of this move is that your company can have more audiences since today most people bring their own smartphones everywhere.

Some recommended queries you can ask yourself:

  • What fields of my business can I shift to the web/app?
  • Will the web/app be supporting me to collect new sources of revenue?
  • Will the web/app help fulfill the company’s goals?

5. Looking at your industry

Coming up with ideas should be as continuous as the pursuit of updating the trends. Your web or app ideas should reflect current expectations and beliefs of your target market.

Today, there are a bunch of resources for you to update the trends. For instance, websites like Trendwatching, Springwise, Inc or Entrepreneur are ideal for generating ideas and trends. However, as they cover the trends across the world, it is probably quite difficult to evaluate the effects of the trends on your local business and market.

6. Looking at business unrelated to your industry

You probably know many current enterprises just focus on their industry. They spend much time on “best practices” which only serves their own industry. Therefore, most of these businesses create the same experience in the long run. Generating a new web or app idea doesn’t come by only taking the identical idea and adding a new coating over it, it comes through bridging gaps, even between two different concepts.

Therefore, if you want your company/startup to be different from others, you should boost your web or app idea by applying concepts from various irrelevant industries. Each industry has its particular specialties that can aid your business goals.

You have just spent your time on 6 ways to come up with web or app ideas. Now we will show you some methods to turn your web or app ideas into reality.

Here are a few things that you need to do:

1. Write down the feature list

After generating your web or app ideas, you should write them down into a list, this way you will be able to focus on the ideas and develop it. In addition, it will also be useful for you when discussing with anyone including designers and developers. It is worth noting that your list should be easy to understand.

2. Do market research

Doing market research is essential to determine the competition, current trends, and market demand. After that, you can add your specific features in your web/app which makes it more attractive and unique to your audience.

3. Find out the targeted audience

It is completely important to determine who would access to your web or use your app. Your audiences probably come from a certain industry, region, existing clients, age group, gender, profession, income group, and others. Knowing your users helps you re-engineer your web/app and its features.

4. Determine the monetization strategy

Earning money is the biggest energizer and reward for your web/app ideas. You can earn money from your web or app idea in various ways like subscription fees, ads, sponsorship, and user data.

5. Seek local web/app developer and have estimates

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After the above steps, you will need to seek for the vendor which can develop your web/app with high performance and cost-saving way, you could search local vendors by evaluating on their past performance, price, time, process, and eagerness to work for you. An ideal vendor should assess your details and ask enough questions. In addition, that vendor could offer some suggestions to enhance your web or app idea.

If you are looking for a software vendor, look no further than Designveloper.

6. Finish the UI/UX

After you find a suitable vendor, you should discuss with them to plan the UI/UX of your web/app. You should get them to build the web/app wireframe in order to visualize each function, screen, and the app’s flow. Then, you can choose to add or remove features. After completing the wireframe, they need to create the app’s visual design, which will give you the first look of what your web/app will look like.

7. Have the web/app developed and tested

You should get your web/app developers to begin building the web/app for you. They should send you the product weekly so that you can test and comment about it. It is important to QA the web/app since this helps you control the timeline, quality, and cost. Also, you can invite some other people to look at it as well.

8. Introduce the web/app and market it

At the moment you’re satisfied with the web/app, you should introduce it on the market. You also need to implement marketing by yourself or hiring a PR or marketing company.

9. Collect market feedback and prepare for the following phase

After the first release and marketing, you can gather market feedback, demand, and user data. If you have many good feedbacks, you can plan for the next phase for your web/app. Otherwise, you should find out what is holding your web/app back and have an action plan.

Final thought

We hope this article has given you a clearer grasp of the ways to come up with a web/app idea and know how to go about shaping the idea. There is no singular way to create web/app ideas, instead, there is a process that comes together and can be carefully explored in every aspect of your company. And turning your web app idea into reality is obviously a daunting business, but still a rewarding one. Launching a web/app is no different than introducing any other product. Not only do you need to know your audience, your market, but you also need to have a monetization strategy, a developer team, and high-quality support.

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