One common misunderstanding is that "biotech" refers to all kinds of business that use living cells and molecules to make biological products. But with this conception, even companies selling milk, wine, or fermented foods like yogurt could also be regarded as biotech startups.

We have tried to break this down in this article:

Try googling that keyword “website vs web application”; and you can see tons of articles jumping into breaking down the difference between them. Yet if we attend more closely to how the authorities in the industry talk about it, we will come to know that this is actually a false dichotomy.

Jeremy Keith, for example, has written about this since 2010. He lists “documents and applications” as one of the most common misleading impressions we have about websites. And it’s actually where the misconception about “website vs web app” engendered.

Is it misleading to have this “website vs web application” distinction?

The typical understanding is websites are collections of static HTML…

According to, a computer programmer in the United States can earn about $56,486 to $73,819 on average each year. This salary range can be determined by many factors such as education, certification, experience, and essential skills. So definitely, if you want to succeed in the IT field, computer programmer skills are where you should invest in.

What are computer programmer skills?

Computer programmer skills have a lot to do with coding, which is a process of writing instructions on computers’ operation. It generally requires you to be mindful of specific sets of actions to create a tangible result. The products you are expected to…

Two years ago, Microsoft made a big splash with its support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on Windows. Within the same year, Apple quietly added support for PWAs to Safari in the 11.3 update. And lately, in April 2020, Google replaced some Android Apps in Chrome OS with PWAs. There must be a reason why these three tech giants respectively turned to PWAs. Here and there, we also heard people regarding PWAs as the future of web apps. So, what is it about PWAs that make it the “Next Big Thing”?

A brief history of Progressive Web Apps

Well, it was Steve Jobs who first mentioned the…

In the field of project management, it is not easy to choose a delegate to execute projects with flying colors. The chosen leader has to possess an outstanding set of professional project management skills and competencies. Statistics also forecast that the need for management-oriented roles will increase to nearly 90 million in the next 5 years.

2021 has arrived. Probably it’s the right time to embrace yourself and speed up on the way to success. To do that, you should acquire different project management skills and competencies. …

In recent years, a great number of businesses ranging from retail to banking have lavished their capital on software development, as part of the strategy for revenue growth. Whether the execution of software development is managed by an in-house team, an offshoring partner or an outsourcing supplier, one of the most common concerns of many CEOs, CTOs and CIOs is how to boost the return on investment.

While many business leaders approach this question from a high-level perspective, and thus prioritize overarching solutions, the key to business performance improvement probably lies in the executive team’s day-to-day experience, which top-level managers…

Amid worries about public health and the outbreak of unanticipated pandemics, both governments and healthcare organizations start turning more attention to improving medical services with the support of modern technologies. Highly applicable to different aspects of the healthcare industry, technological products have significantly changed the way it operates. Here are top 10 noticeable software solutions in healthcare that promise to manage operations of clinical centers effectively and ensure the good performance of examination and treatment.

1. Virtual Healthcare (or Telehealth)

Have you ever felt exhausted from queuing for medical checkups or ongoing treatment of chronic health conditions? If yes, it’s advisable to use telehealth services…

Almost all business owners recognize the need of software solutions in attracting and retaining their customers. However, some of them may fail to understand that in addition to essential functionalities, what users require from a piece of software or an app is compelling interface and satisfactory user experience. Apart from essential functionalities, UI/UX should not be underrated in software development, either.

Do you know that with more than 2.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook, one of the top five bet social networking sites in 2020, generates over 4 petabytes every day? It’s an enormous amount of data that requires a unique way of processing. We define it as Big Data. It gradually becomes on-trend, and businesses now consider it a useful tool to make profits. In fact, many of them are currently making use of it in plenty of ways.

There has been “Data”, and now we have “Big Data”. As mentioned above, we need to process it to save it from…

The technological advancement has led to the advent of digitalized products and services. Especially to improve money management of individuals and institutions, mobile wallets have been recently introduced and gradually become a good substitute for traditional payment methods. Though, how secure those e-wallets are still remains a frequently asked question of many users. The answer, therefore, will be detailed in this article.


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