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“Eww!” — If that’s how you visitors feel when they check out your website, I’m sorry to disappoint you but your site is boring as hell.

Okay, forget all about visitors, be honest and ask yourself — Do you really like your website? Does your site embarrass you? Well, if the answer is “Yes”, then what’s this website for? For fun? Remember, don’t make your business seem more like a place of amusement than a professional one! Long story short, a boring site can be a huge detriment to your business.

Here is Why A Good Website Matters For Every Business

I know its tough sometime to be sure whether you site works effectively or not, especially when you can’t put yourself in your visitors’s shoes. But there are warning signs. You can avoid the most common website design mistakes below that are sending your visitors to your competitors’ sites. Be vigilant!

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Your website isn’t mobile-optimized.

As I mentioned very bluntly in every blogpost before, it’s a must for any kind of business to have a website that is responsive.

How about you try this (you’d be surprised how many business owners have never done this) — browse your own site on your smartphone or tablet. Then, what do you see? Do you have to do the “pinch and swipe” to get around your website or to read content? If that’s the case, Do you feel frustrated? That’s exactly why your visitors “eww”!

Oh dear, it’s almost 2017, please read 5 Compelling Reasons Your Website Should Be Responsive

Your website lacks personal interaction:

People always want to be heard, seen or listened to. There is no doubt that if you design a website that does not include some elements or moments which user need to interact with, they won’t spend much time per their visit.

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Hence, make sure your site seem more like a communication where visitors can interact than a simple portal to find information. It will be an excellent way to engage with your visitors and keep them longer in your website and gather data.

With that in mind, I highly recommend you to try this powerful communication application: Poppi Live Chat. It provides a range of services for reaching out to your prospective clients and monitoring the website traffic.

Your website only have one landing page


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