Farewell, Year of the Dog

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Time flies so fast, it’s already been five years since the day Designveloper (DSV) was established, sometimes it feels just like yesterday. Five years, it’s a quite long and memorable journey. We’ve been through ups and downs, joy and sadness. Every challenge we’ve conquered, every moment we’ve spent together, is the memory that each of us shall cherish forever. From a small group of youthful developers and designers, now we’re here, one of the leading software development companies in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. And undoubtedly there are still greater ambitions awaiting to be achieved.

Our journey from the very beginning to the present. In 2012, drinking time of 2 young men in a small room, somewhere in Ho Chi Minh city, that’s where the first ideas about a software development company came to them. One year later, the first office of DSV was placed.

2018 was a remarkable year of DSV, we had significant business growth, launched new and promising projects, and kept up with the good work for our long-term products. To celebrate the great efforts and achievements of every DSV resident, we threw a fancy year-end party last Friday night.

Let’s see how hard they played and partied through the night.

Since the day DSV was founded, as a moral commitment to our clients, we always do our best to deliver highest-quality IT services to help them grow their business at a world-class level. And we did all those great things thanks to the young and talented people who always work hard and play even harder!

Yes, DSV is where you should show your young and enterprising spirit, in both work and play.

Another year has come to the end. May this new year be a step forward, in leading you to new adventures, new roads to explore and new success to reach! Shine yourself the brightest light, Have a promising and fulfilling Lunar New Year!

Truc Thuy Minh

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