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Free Productivity Apps For Business Owners In 2017

Before joining Designveloper, I had worked as a freelancer. And as any newbies, I did it all wrong. I didn’t have an organized workflow. Everything got messy and stressful. Tons of unfinished tasks made me feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, when I got my feet wet with my new job at Designveloper, I found a few amazing tools that came to my rescue, kept me on track and organized throughout the day. It was the time I put an end to my disorganized way of working.

So, in today post, I’m glad to share with you my favorite apps that help me get in “the zone” and tear through my to-do list. Check it out cause who knows, it might also help you run a business a little less of a chore and a lot more fun. In no particular order, we have:


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Working as a freelancer means you’re free (at least it was what I had thought). No one manages your work days except yourself. Because of such freedom, I used to work unmethodically. I just got my hands dirty with the tasks that seemed interesting and not with the ones that were a priority. And as the result, by the end of the day, things that had should be done was unexecuted. Then, I got boring and decided to jump into another task that looked more fun than the previous one did at that moment. See, even in the way I told, it was completely a mess.

Now, I have the Todoist app on my phone and also keep the web version pinned to my browser both at home and at work (see I’m madly in love with this app) — so it’s always readily accessible.

The thing I like the most about Todoist is that I can schedule my tasks for each day and easily keep things organized by project as well. No more belated tasks since with Todoist since I conveniently check off whether the tasks complete or not, then I’ll work on them.



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There is no doubt that Trello is my working life. No other tools can beat this amazing project management tool.

You can do a lot of things with Trello such as: create boards for your projects, create lists to represent the state of progress in each of your boards (for example I have 3 lists — To do, Doing and Done), add a due date to remind you of deadlines, label your cards by using color, etc. And especially, the cards can be easily moved between lists.

Since Trello came to my life, I haven’t had to keep everything in my brain anymore — like — I have to do this task before 8th January or I need to finish that task by 10th January. Lucky me!


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