Healthcare Technology: Top 4 Trends to Look At

1. AI

Despite popular belief, the use of AI didn’t just show up around the past few years but the very first expert AI program was launched in the 60s. Its main purpose was to identify unknown molecules, in other words, the software was developed to serve the chemistry field. And it was a big inspiration for creating MYCIN — a program that was able to put names on various bacterias as well as one of the first backward chaining expert systems.

  • AI-assisted robotic surgery
  • Virtual nursing assistant
  • Aid clinic judgment or diagnosis
  • Workflow and administration task
  • Image analysis

2. VR, AR

First of all, let me explain to you what AR and VR are.

3. Wearable devices

Recently, wearable devices have become one of the most used types of accessory. However, they are not just something to make you look good or look rich in people’s eyes. Instead, wearable devices can play a vital part in taking care of our health as it has shifted from just another mobile device to a real-time clinical monitor.

4. Big data

Big data is the practice of gathering a large amount of data, analyzing it and turning it into insightful information with the help of data analysts, machine learning techniques and algorithms.

  • Create a bigger picture of the healthcare/medical industry.
  • Optimize the flow of capital for this industry as it has accounted for a large piece of the pie for years.
  • Optimize the quality of curing processes/treatments.
  • Help medical providers make better decisions and fewer guessing.
  • Prevent the disease before it occurs with a better diagnosis.
  • Reduce errors.



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