How to Make Money with a Free Mobile App?

1. Advertising

At the moment a new app is launched to the market, most likely, it does not have many users. Advertising comes in like a savior because of its simplicity and handy manner, in the meantime, it also generates more than enough revenue so that app publishers could make a free mobile app for users. And obviously, this only happens when you do it right!

  • Choose the most suitable ad network. Ad network works as a bridge between app publishers and advertisers. Your mission here is to define the target audience, their location, and your ultimate goal when displaying ads. Some common ad networks at the moment are AdMob,, Millennial Media, and Smaato.
  • Set up the right ad format. Based on your demand and app specificities, you could feature some ad formats such as banners, native ads, interstitial ads, videos and offer wall ads alongside your app content.
  • The last activity is selecting these common ad pricing models: cost per mille, cost per click, or cost per reaction, etc.

2. In-app purchases

Numbers don’t lie when they show that in-app purchasing is becoming the most profitable method of app monetization. According to Statista, more than 50% of revenue from apps was brought in by this very model.

  • Tell them about the value of the feature or content. It’s worth knowing notifications increase users’ decision on in-app purchasing 9.6 times and drive their spending by 16%.
  • Offer free samples or trials.
  • Use a made-up currency, especially when your app is a mobile game.

3. App developers who make a free mobile app could monetize with data

Since the world goes crazy because of data, this very strategy of monetization starts to shine. But let’s look for the answer of why data is a big hit at the moment. Apparently, companies could base on facts and figures to shape their business, visions, and missions. Apart from those, they will analyze data to product insight about customers, then improve or enhance their existing products/services to meet user expectations.



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