How to stop wanting to buy stuff

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In the last post I have unveiled you my secret about the thing that saved me the most money — I simply stopped wanting to buy stuff. But, how can we actually do it?

Firstly, let’s face the fact: A lot of things we buy is just for gaining social attention or even social acceptance. All those new iPhones and stunning shoes. Those designer clothes…

Ok, I will keep my mouth shut if those things truly bring you pleasure. That’s great. However the reality is that I know tons of people out there who spend most of their money on just trying to impress other people.

Think about it!

You spend money you DON’T HAVE, on things you DON’T WANT, to impress people you DON’T LIKE. How insane it is!

And you know what, it’s like an endless race. Every time you upgrade your phone, they’ll upgrade to one even better and yes, more expensive. There’s no way you can win. So, please do yourself a favor. Stop worrying about how people see you.

I bet you feel that every single day, I bet you worry and panic and fret over people seeing that you’re not who they thought you were. Just stop.

What you need to do is that investing your money. Planning for the future. Be honest. Ask yourself how much of the money that you’ve spent in the last few years really improved your quality of life long term.

Then, do you realize that the joy of spending money is only temporary? Why do you take pleasure in things that you’ll soon get bored with? Why don’t you try to take pleasure in watching your savings going up? Try to imagine just what you can do with all that money in the future.

Personally I’d like to retire on a house in Da Lat city, Vietnam. Miles from anywhere. Growing my own vegetable. Spending my days sat in a hammock reading a good book.

Will I ever get there? Who knows? But dreaming big like this helps me to avoid purchasing unnecessary stuffs and instead willingly save my money each month for chasing my dream.

And you obviously can do it too.

Okay this post might be a little lengthy. You want to know the way to stop wanting to buy new things? In a nutshell, just ask yourself what your main goal is; the impression of your friends and co-workers on your pretentious luxury or gaining true financial freedom.

Once you got the answer, you will know what to do next.


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