Meetup Groups You Must Join If You Are Tech Beginner

If you are a newbie to code, then instead of sitting on your chair like…forever, you need to take your “learn-to-code” journey offline and join meetup groups. These groups are so ideal for tech beginner because you can get career advice, coding help, general support from the best programmer around, and as a result, you can expand your circle and push your career to the next level.

There’s a ton of groups to join, but I’ve summed up the best communities for you.

Meteor Ho Chi Minh meetup

Meteor is a smart and powerful tool that allows you to build web and mobile applications. Meteor requires less code, so even though you are a newbie to programming, you are able to build your own amazing app in a very short time.

If you want to talk all things Meteor, check out this lively group. This group has a lot of monthly meetup sharing helpful knowledge and experience in web and app development in general and in using Meteor in particular. Their next meetup will take place on August.

HTML5Rocks@Ho Chi Minh

JavaScript Ho Chi Minh city


Docker Sai Gon

Agile Vietnam


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