Mobile App Ideas 2020: 4 Biggest trends

Do you know which step is the most crucial one when developing an app? It’s all about the idea and concept! And people at Designveloper are here to suggest some mobile app ideas for 2020! Let’s start with…

1. Healthcare apps (mHealth)

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as life’s quality and standard are getting better, people start to focus more on other factors like safety and security (aka safety needs). Consequently, if done right, apps that include services related to healthcare will always be needed.

Users can use these healthcare apps (or mHealth) to take care of themselves more effectively. These products could also be a bridge to connect with doctors, therapists if your users have no time to visit the hospital or clinic. They just need to input their conditions, data, or requirements and your virtual or human assistants will help them solve the problem from a distance.

If you decide to start this journey then let’s do some in-depth research and build all spinal elements such as core features, app flows, UI/UX designs, etc.

At the moment, there are many niches to take part in and you could spring some mobile app ideas for 2020, skincare assistant, tips for woman/man only, therapy, detoxing or training, for example.

But whatever your choice is, remember to analyze and cope with the law since most of the governments are really strict when it comes to healthcare.

2. How-to apps

Gone are the days when people are too dependent on ready-to-use items including clothes, foods, etc. At the moment, those lifestyles that benefit the environment or care for our own health are adopted more and more. And most of them tell people to live a simple, healthy or eco life, and as a result, doing everything ourselves is their solution.

However, it’s not easy to just go with it. You will need at least one instructor to know how things should be done. And this is when how-to apps come to rescue us! It’s cheap and convenient, easy to access and one of the top app ideas at the moment!

At the moment, App Store and Google Play have thousands of apps like that. It could be cooking recipes, cooking instruction, DIY ideas and inspirations, how to play guitar, etc. And guess what, people at Designveloper are designing and developing a how-to app that helps guitarists train themselves.

It’s worth noticing that you should properly dig into the field needed to show knowledge. I mean, we cannot provide wrong information and hope that users will be satisfied with it, right?

3. Apps for pets

Many of us have a big strong love for our pets. However, in this rat race, time is not on our side, pet caring, at the same time, will require a lot of that precious resource. Thus, apps designated with the purpose to help you taking care of pets are looked for more than ever.

Imagine when you are out of town and cannot bring your good boy/girl along and don’t know where to get some help. Why don’t you just use an app that can control the feeding machine?

There are a lot more types of mobile app ideas for pets that you can pick up! Routine trackers, pet raising instructor, dog training assistant are some significant examples.

However, your app should be easy to use since pet parents won’t want to spend a lot of time on using phones instead of playing with the pets.

4. Mobile payment systems

Mobile payment systems are the service that allows users to make payments with their phones by scanning code, NFC, cloud base, etc.

Thanks to the convenience of these apps, the number of users who installed them is increasing rapidly.

Your users don’t need to pull their purse out, look for a card or cash anymore, with these types of services, all they need to do is open the app and scan the bar/QR code or transfer the money using the receiver’s phone number, and it’s done!

Furthermore, you can offer users cashback when they shop in your partners’ places or purchase movie/train/flight tickets without hesitation.

Nevertheless, paying close attention to security is also an important task. According to Accenture, 19% of the respondents believed that mobile payment could lead to fraud due to 3 major risks which are:

  • Losing devices.
  • Cyber attackers.
  • Malware.

However, new technologies have your back, pal! Those FaceID, Touch ID, passcode, etc. will be some powerful shields for you!

A conclusion on mobile app ideas 2020

Developing an app is not easy, especially when you are looking for some decent mobile app ideas! But if you already have an app idea, now what? It’s time to get down to work!

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