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Ridiculous Misconceptions About Web Design

Many people might think that the design of their business website isn’t vital to their success. And what they really focus on is the content and information. Although “content is king”, but image if you put a pretty doll in an old ugly box, who would bother opening it up? Most clients might think they know what’s best for their site but in fact, it’s the designer who should hold the ticket to their site’s future look like.

Well, in this post, i’m going to unveil you a few web design misconceptions that you should know for a much better interaction between you and a design company.

Building a website? Oh, it’s a piece of cake!

Even some say that website can be built in one day! Seriously? You’re joking, right? It would be a little naive and uneducated of a designer to say they can have your website up and running before sundown.

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Building a simple website might be a child’s play, but a seamless one takes complex programming. It’s is about WAY more than just understand the color wheel, keeping up on design trends or knowing how to use white space. If you want a unique website to attain the quality online presence your brand deserves, your web design process must also involve coding. It takes time and practice to produce a “be-you” product, not just a rushed creation from a dull template.

Empty space…No!!! Every inch of the website must be filled!

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Do you like being yelled? No one does! That’s actually a “stuff all you can” website does to visitors! You don’t want to clutter up your website to the point that scares everyone away, do you? Visitors will be very overwhelmed if you cover every inch of your site with haphazard content. So, please leave your site some space to breath!

Also, 2016 is about minimalism and simplicity. It’s a must to incorporating white space into your website for a cleaner look overall and helping visitors to recognize what the most important information you want them to know is.

Hey, I did build a website! Traffic will automatically increase!

Wake up! Sorry, that’s not how it works! Don’t indulge in illusion that just because you build a website, people will find it and interact with it. This silly thought is like you hold a party and not inviting anyone, but still assume that people will come. How can?

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A web designer is not a miracle worker. They don’t have super power to summon thousands of visitors to your site right away. Then, it raises a question is: How can your site go viral? This is where the Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) come to your rescue.

No need of Responsive Website

That’s completely wrong! Straight up!


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