Should We Work Remotely?

Have you ever imagined yourself working remotely, lying on the hot sand somewhere with a cocktail in one hand and laptop on other? Ok, let’s return to reality a little bit. How about working from your bed, in your pyjamas until noon? What kind of comfort that is!

Fortunately, that’s already a part of how my team work right now. When we realize that we can work from anywhere, we start to wonder why we don’t. In fact, I’m writing this article from my favorite coffee shop while enjoying a cup of peach tea. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I know you might doubt whether it really works like that or people will get nothing done by the end of the day. Ok, calm down! Take your seat. Enjoy your drink. Read about our thoughts about this topic and you can see how different your life can be when you work remotely!

Let’s start from some huge advantages:

1. You can save time and money

You must agree with me that the way you start your day will set the tone for everything you do that day. No one want to start their day in an hours worth of traffic jam or to waste tons of time and money sitting on bus, on trains, in cars, or in other means of transport just going from home to workplace.

By working remotely, you can cut your travel cost and time for sure. Even better, you don’t have to pay for workplace rental!

I don’t know about you but working from home also save my time and money on my wardrobe. There were days I spent more than an hour every morning getting cleaned up and made up and deciding what dress I should put on. LOL. I know, girl stuff! But, really, don’t you see how awesome it is to just wear pyjamas or t-shirt working?

2. It’s more flexible and productive

It’s obviously that not everyone is productive on the same schedule. I’m totally a night-owls. Sometime, I’m super tired and stressful because of forcing myself to work in the early morning. I feel like I can’t come up with any ideas at that moment. And as the result, by the end of the day, things that should have been done was unexecuted.

Remote working allows you to build your own flexible schedule. When you’re not at your peak, you can step away and clear your mind with other activities, and then come back feeling more refreshed instead of keeping sitting at your desk for whole 8 hours just surfing Facebook. This time can be considered as wasted.

Moreover, escaping the 9-to-5 rat race in an office makes everyone happier and more creative. According to a study from University of Warwick, people tend to work harder when they’re happy — around 12% more productive.

3. You can hire good people

Have you ever felt frustrated about finding someone who best suits your company’s needs in a certain place?

It’s easier when you work remotely. You don’t need to look for people who live near you. You are able to fill your team with awesome people all around the world.

It’s time to face some drawbacks:

1. It’s hard to manage your time

A common mistake when it comes to working remotely is you can’t find the balance between working and doing personal stuff. Some days, you may find yourself do not work enough. But other days, you’re just overworked. Additionally, working from home is difficult to feel motivated. You can waste time on accessing Facebook, Website or other social networkings.

However, it’s just a matter of your own decisions. At Designveloper, we implement remote work along with pair programming method. By doing that, the pairs can encourage each other and work more effective. Besides, there are many tools which could help with that such as: Trello, Hubstaff, or other team project management tools.

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2. You may feel isolated

Woking remotely also means no more workplace social life, no more having lunch together, joking around in the office. Your personal relationships with other co-workers probably do not thrive. This can be destructive to team spirit.

Here’s what we do. We have daily meeting with the whole team member through skype. We also prefer to come into office at least a few days a month. It’s not necessary to meet in the office, it could be a party also!

Did I mention we’re hiring?

Would you like to work in that kind of environment? If the answer is yes, please don’t hesitate to send us your portfolio. We’re hiring, especially Full-Stack Ninjas. Come and be a part of our youthful, flexible and creative team. We will figure out the future of remote working together! 🙂




Designveloper is leading software development company in Vietnam. We offer Web development, mobile application, UI/UX Design, VOIP.

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Designveloper is leading software development company in Vietnam. We offer Web development, mobile application, UI/UX Design, VOIP.

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