The most important tips for saving money

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Look around you and there are plenty of simple ways to fatten your savings. But, do they actually work?

I don’t know about you but in my situation I have tried tons of methods, even the most crazy insane way, they still fell apart at the end of the day. Why? I keep asking myself why.

Then I realized that it’s not about finding or creating some ways to make sure your money lasts a little longer each month, it all depends on changing your thinking, specifically, changing your perspective on money.

Let’s look at it this way…

I have a friend who is a real foodie. The rest of the time she eats. Yes, she really really love eating.

But, the thing is…she hates being overweight. After eating something, she feels regret. She immediately want to go on a diet.

Again, however, everything is not that simple. As a foodie, the thing she stuffed into her mouth brought her more pleasure than anything else on the world. How can she live without food — her biggest sources of pleasure? For sure she cannot go on a 100% healthy diet. She just tries to eat less. Like instead of enjoying a big fat bowl of ice cream, she eats a small one. Then, no matter how much effort she makes, she still finds herself end up right where she started.

Why’s that? The answer is that because she has two goals to chase: enjoy the food and lose weight. That are completely polar opposite. It’s a bit like trying to head North and South at the same time. How can it happen?

I’m different. I have no interest in food. And because of that, I can lose weight easily.

The same can be applied with your finances.

If you are like my friend — just find ways to live a slightly crummier version of your current life, it won’t work for sure. Don’t buy a diet coke if you want to lose weight — drink water.

So after all here’s the single thing that you need to do if you want to save money, just stop wanting to buy stuff. Because when you’re not fighting against yourself — when you truly don’t care whether you get the new iPhone or not for example — it’s just as easy to leave the money in your bank account.

This creates a matter. How do you stop wanting to buy things? It seems easy for us to say, but how can we actually execute on this idea?

We will talk about it in the next post. Stay tuned!

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