Top 4 Android App Development Companies in the USA for 2020

1. Consagous

Illinois is famous for a lot of things. Let’s say, corn, Abraham Lincoln, the first McDonald’s restaurant ever and… Consagous.

  • Founded: 2008.
  • Industries: healthcare, fintech, food industry, retail and e-commerce, logistics, etc.
  • Significant clients: Cheapeatz, Motus, Slump Breaker.
  • Featured projects: Cheapeatz, ONO 3D, Otboo, Vidy Intel Video.

2. Mercury Development

Just by judging its website, we can already learn that this software outsourcing firm is a stylish one!

  • Founded: 1998.
  • Industries: Automotive, social, healthcare, multimedia, enterprise, fitness, finance.
  • Significant clients: Mercedes-Benz, Dow, Cisco, HSBC, Burger King, Sberbank, Nestle, Kia Motors, Sony, etc.
  • Featured projects: Grant, Greenlink, Mars, Origo.

3. Excellent Webworld

Excellent Webworld is an Indian-based software company that has several branches worldwide and three of them are located in the US (so, we do count it as a US company, right?)

  • Founded: 2011
  • Industries: E-commerce, entertainment, finance, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, automotive, etc.
  • Significant clients: Sony, Ovia Health, Hitachi, Aromascense, Canary, France TV.
  • Featured projects: Aromascense, Gator lotto, Auton, Tesluxe, Foodiss, Xavax, Easy Nutrition.

4. Infinum

For the past 15 years, the software outsourcing development company located in the Big Apple has gained a lot of awards such as MIXX 2017/2018, Inc 5000 Euro, AWWWARD, Global Leader 2017 by Clutch, Mobile App Award by Somo Borac and one of the best Android app development companies in the USA.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Industries: Finance, automotive, healthcare and medical, hospitality, transportation, etc.
  • Significant clients: Universal, Bayer, P&G, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Nike, T-Mobile, Novartis, etc.
  • Featured projects: Broken Ship, Mr. Good Knight, Village Access, Tesla, Ultimate Drives.

Those are our list of 4 most appreciated Android app development companies in the USA. However,…

Last but not least: Designveloper

Of course, Designveloper is not a US-based software company, however, if you want to build an Android app with an affordable price but still want it to be perfect, we’ve got your back!



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