Top Trending Programming Languages for 2019

I bet every software development company, as well as freelance programmer, wants to keep up with the most emerging and trendy programming tools. The software programming and developing community is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Various new programming languages which are rising up are suitable for different groups of developers (beginners, intermediate, and experts) as well as for divergent use cases (mobile applications, game development, web application, distributed system, etc).

The question is, what are the best programming languages to adapt to your business in 2019?

Actually, every project requires different codebase and programming language. So it’s crucial for a software development company to always catch up with new trends and apply a wide range of the latest technologies in order to respond effectively to customers’ requirements.

With the sharing below, I aim to give you a good look at the best programming languages that will dominate IT market in 2019. And from there, figuring out which ones are fit for your business model or can be used in your software projects.

#1. Java

Being born over 20 years ago, after decades of growing and improving, now Java may be the most popular and prolong programming language worldwide. Java is mostly used for building enterprise-scale web applications because of its extreme stability. Many big enterprises have adopted it to their back-end systems.

Furthermore, Java is also broadly used in Android App Development. Owing to the fact that there are billions of Android users nowadays, an Android version is essential for any mobile app. Obviously, this results in the never-out-of-date importance of such a clever and convenient programming language like Java. For the most lively example, Google has created a brilliant Java-based Android development framework — Android Studio.

According to a survey by StackOverflow, Java ranked as the most favored programming language for six years in a row.

#2. JavaScript

LuminPDF — a project developed by Designveloper using NodeJS, React, and React Native

Accompanied with Java, JavaScript is the “service-side” or “frontend” programming language. JavaScript is also a very popular language and widely applied to develop interactive front-end web applications and design animating websites. For instance, when you click on a button which opens up a popup, the hidden logic is implemented via JavaScript.

The best turn up of this language (also the main reason why I believe it will continue to grow) is its flexibility. You can use it to manipulate HTML and CSS, moreover, it is supported by every browser, which provides a great experience across browsers and makes it the ideal language for clients to use.

These days, a lot of IT companies, particularly startups, are using NodeJS, React, React Native which are JavaScript-based web development frameworks. JavaScript is everywhere and will likely remain one of the most popular programming languages in at least the next few years.

#3. Golang

Golang, also known as Go, is a new and easy-maintained programming language built by Google. Go perform excellent support in multithreading and so, it is being adopted by many enterprises that rely heavily on distributed systems. By the way, Golang is not really a friendly language for all system sizes, it’s more suitable for large-scale ones.

Between its ability of high-performance and multithreading, I have to mention again, Go is actually designed and developed by Google believe it or not, which is a really cool fact about the language. Golang was referenced as the “programming language of the year” in a ZDNet article written in 2017. And as everyone knows how big the “Google brand” is in the IT market, I think you can guess the continuously fast growing speed of this sub-brand programming language.

Golang is already adopted at Designveloper

#4. C/C++

Saying in a metaphorical way, C/C++ is the bread and butter of programming. Almost every low-level system such as file systems, operating systems, etc. are written in C/C++.

Besides, C++ is also often used by most programmers due to the fact that it is extremely fast and stable. It provides something called STL — Standard Template Library. STL is a pool of ready-to-use libraries for a wide range of data structures, algorithms and arithmetic operations. This library support and speed up the language, make it a trustful choice in the high-frequency trading community as well.

#5. Swift

Swift is the primary programming language that is used to build iOS applications. It’s was first invented in 2014 and started to grow well in recent years, despite the short time it has to catch up with enormous competitors. Can’t deny the fact that now iOS-based devices are the most popular tech devices in the world. Apple iPhone, for instance, has made up a considerable market share and is always giving a tough competition to Android.

Not only is Swift speedy, but it’s also efficient. According to developers who are using the language, it’s quite easy to read and write compares to other mobile languages. Overall, it’s probably the best available language for mobile development. So there’s no doubt for a pretty bright future of Swift, and maybe much more.

#6. Python

Python is becoming more and more popular. It is known as a “general purpose” language. One of the great things about Python is, you don’t have to be a CS expert to code in it. It’s a perfect choice for beginners. You can pick Python for building almost anything. For examples:

  • Game Development
  • IOT
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

Because of the flexibility and convenience of Python, I’m not surprised that this language is adopted by many IT businesses. It works great for almost any industry. In fact, Python was ranked as the most “wanted” language of 2018 according to the results of StackOverflow developer survey. If you don’t want to work solely with Python in the long run, it’s still a worth learning fundamental language. Personally, I don’t just believe that Python is one of the best programming languages in 2019, but the language of the whole near future.


  • JavaScript and Python are hot in the startup world. Most of them use NodeJS (JavaScript), Django (Python), and Flask (Python) as their backend frameworks. Python and JavaScript are kinda easy to learn, therefore they’re considered as the best programming languages to learn for beginners.
  • Java is famous in corporate companies. Many organizations use Spring (Java) as their web backend framework.
  • C/C++ and Golang are the top choices for developing low-latency and scalable systems.

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