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What To Consider Before Deploying A Meteor App?

Deploying a Meteor app, however bears a strong resemblance to deploying other kinds of software, is much easier, especially when you are familiar with working on websocket-based Node.js app. Since it is a must to bring your app into play after all of your effort to develop, I would love to dig deep into what you should take into consideration before deploying. In this blog, I am going to list some of essential stuff like this, including deployment environments, variables, domain name, SSL certificate andCDN.

Deployment environments in Meteor includes three server tiers that are Development, Staging and Production:

  • Development: This is where you develop new features for the app and run local tests. If your app runs successfully with the code, it will move to the Staging.
  • Staging: This environment is made to resemble Production environment but invisible to users. Here, your application will be checked on all features as well as performance before being released.
  • Production: After your app goes through the test in Staging, it is officially deployed for users to interact directly with.

Deployment environments are explained in great detail at:

Make sure environment variables and settings all are available for your deployment process.

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